Post Race Meal Ideas

By on June 11, 2013

After a conquering a gruelling obstacle race, your first instinct may be to reward yourself with a big juicy burger, large fries and a chocolate shake. Indulging in these types of things are fine in moderation, but we are going to provide you with some healthier options to take in after your race that will refuel your body and keep you in your healthy mindset.

Not all these items will be available at a race. You may be able to bring in a small cooler with some of your own food. But check the FAQ page of the race you are attending because some do not allow outside food or drinks.

If you can bring your own food, here are some ideas you can use to pack a great post-race meal.

Energy Bars – This is an easy thing to pack and travels well. There are so many choices, but make sure to steer clear of the ones that are loaded with sugar and empty calories. These are nothing more than overpriced candy bars. Power Bar has a Recovery line that is designed to use right after a workout or race. They are full of protein which supplies amino acid building blocks used for muscle tissue repair.

Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt has become very popular with endurance athletes. It’s no wonder since it is packed with protein. Plain greek yogurt can be jazzed up by adding almonds, fresh fruit, or honey for a more flavorful option.

Oatmeal – It’s not just for breakfast anymore. Oatmeal is a great post-race choice because it contains protein, fiber and carbohydrates. The fiber in the oatmeal will help fill you up. You can also add fruit to it as another option.

Chicken Breast – Chicken is always a great choice for an after race meal. The majority of races that have food options will most likely have a grilled chicken breast you can purchase. This would probably be your best option if you don’t want or can’t bring your own food. If you are able to bring your own food, you can prepare the chicken at home and stick it in a small cooler for after your race. It would be easy to eat on top of some mixed veggies, or a salad. You could also wrap it in some Bib or Romaine lettuce, or a pita.

Fruit – There are lots of great options when it comes to fruit. Bananas are truly nature’s best after race snack. Some other choices would be oranges, blueberries, apples and grapes. The will fill you up without causing your stomach to get upset.

Almonds – This is another great choice for after a race and favorite among athletes. The are full of protein that will help with recovery and are loaded with antioxidants. These could easily be stored in your Camelbak or backpack while you are racing and eaten during or after your race.

These are only a few examples of healthy choices to make after your race. Everyone has their favorite post-race meal and snack. What are some of your favorites?

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